Convenience to Allentown Pain Sufferers – Caring & Compassionate

Allentown Pain ManagementDr. Scott Naftulin, D.O. and Dr. Bruce Zhang, M.D., and the associates at NERA Specialty Spine, Sports & Pain Medicine are medical partner-members of the NERA network and preferred providers in the St. Luke’s network for spine and pain treatments & pain management.

The doctor and his team of professionals, provide compassionate comprehensive non-surgical treatment of pain associated with injury and disabling conditions.

The medical offices are located conveniently to residents of Allentown and surrounding area. Approximately 8 miles from downtown Allentown, Specialty Spines doctor’s office in Bethlehem, PA are just minutes away and just off of Route 22.

Pain Evaluation, Treatment & Therapy for Allentown Residents

Dr. Naftulin, Dr. Zhang, and the NERA Specialty Spine, Sports & Pain Medicine associates, provide evaluation, treatment & therapy to patients with painful spinal and joint disorders using the most effective medical, interventional, rehabilitative, surgical and alternative treatments presently available.

Additionally, we provide disability management and medicolegal consultative services that are frequently required while addressing these painful medical conditions.

Pain Management Medical Offices

– The primary office for reaching Dr. Scott Naftulin and Dr. Bruce Zhang for pain evaluation and treatment is with our Bethlehem pain clinic.

Bethlehem Medical Arts Center

5325 Northgate Drive
Suite 209
Bethlehem, PA 18017 (map & directions)

Phone: 610.954.9400
Fax: 610.954.0333

Dr’s. Scott Naftulin and Bruce Zhang are accepting new patients. Most insurance plans are accepted. Please call our pain treatment offices in Bethlehem, PA at  (610) 954-9400 regarding your insurance questions. Insurance verification is recommended prior to your appointment.

Dr Scott Naftulin D.O.


Dr. Bruce Zhang

What To Bring To Your Doctor’s Appointment

  • Insurance card
  • Names of your other doctors
  • List of all current medications, or bring them with you
  • Any online forms you filled out prior to your appointment
  • Recent medical records or x-rays will be helpful and may save you time and charges if you are seeking a second opinion or transferring your care

Scheduling and Cancellations: Please call our office to schedule an appointment. If you are unable to make your appointment, please notify us 24 hours in advance. When to Arrive: Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete any forms. We strive to stay on schedule and do not double-book our patients.