Sports Medicine – Sports Related Pain
Evaluation, Treatment & Therapy

Dr. Scott Naftulin D.O. and Dr. Bruce Zhang M.D. and the associates at NERA Specialty Spine are musculoskeletal and neurological pain specialists.

The doctor treats pain associated with spinal and joint disorders pain that may be a result of injuries involving muscle, ligament, tendon, spine, and extremities. Chronic pain can affect physical performance.

As musculoskeletal specialists, the doctor and associates focus their clinical skills on the evaluation and treatment using the most effective medical, interventional, rehabilitative, surgical, orthobiologics  and alternative treatments presently available.

Dr’s. Naftulin, Zhang and the NERA Specialty Spine associates promote the therapeutic benefits of physical activity, exercise and sport for individuals and communities.

Experiencing Pain from Sports & Athletics?

Dr. Naftulin and Dr. Zhang provide compassionate comprehensive non-surgical treatment of pain associated with injury and disabling conditions that can result from sports & athletics and for those with an active life-style.

Whether you are a sports professional, collegiate participant or an amateur enthusiast, Dr’s. Naftulin, Zhang, and the NERA Specialty Spine, Sports & Pain Medicine team of associates have the knowledge, experience, compassion and empathy to evaluate and address the pain associated with your injury.

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Sports Medicine

Dr. Naftulin provides some insightful tips on pain prevention and preparedness for golfers. Golfer’s can minimize pain and discomfort by using these simple golf swing techniques and warm-up steps.

Sports Medicine – Prevention Tips: Watch Now