Experiencing Pain from Work or an Active Life?

Dr. Scott Naftulin D.O., Dr. Bruce Zhang M.D. and the Specialty Spine, Sports & Pain Medicine team of associates have the knowledge, experience, compassion and empathy to evaluate and address the pain associated with your injury. Whether your pain is a result of work or hobby, Dr Naftulin offers some suggestion of preparedness in order to minimize the potential for injury.

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Dr Naftulin, Dr. Zhang and the NERA Specialty Spine associates promote the therapeutic benefits of physical activity, exercise and sport for individuals and communities.

Gardening with Dr Scott Naftulin

  • We all have arthritic changes as we grow older.
  • Injury and aggravation may result from repeated bending and twisting and being bent over for sustained periods.
  • Dr Naftulin provides simple tips for reducing the potential for chronic neck and back pain.

Ergonomics – Purchasing the Right Chair By Dr Scott Naftulin

  • Adjustable lower back supportf
  • Supportive seating – stopping just before the back of the knee
  • Elevation so feet are flat
  • Adjustable arms rests
  • Adjustable reclining

Chair Ergonomics & Lower Back by Dr Scott Naftulin

  • Lordosis – the inward curves of the back and neck regions of the spine
  • Prolonged sitting effect the lower back – L4 & L5 disks
  • A “good chair” should have adjustable features: arms rests, elevation, lower back support and reclining ability
Golf Injury Prevention

Golf Tips by Dr Scott Naftulin

Dr Naftulin discusses general techniques involving grip and swing and the effects on the lower back, rotator cuff, shoulders and elbows. How to prepare and minimize injury to the shoulders, elbows and lower back.

Watch the Golf Videos

Post-Stroke Shoulder Pain

  • Dr Naftulin is one of the first in the U.S.A. to be trained in the implants of StimRouter™ – a peripheral nerve stimulation device.
  • Peripheral nerve stimulators both temporary and permanent may be used to treat other peripheral nerve and chronic pain disorders.

Learn More – Bioness Stimrouter

Standing for Long Periods

  • Whether sitting or standing, posture should be changed. Switch weight while standing.
  • Proper footwear is important to comfort and support and should be suited to the occasion or environment.