Back Pain (Upper and Lower)

//Back Pain (Upper and Lower)

upper and lower back pain

Back pain is a ubiquitous condition which will affect almost 90% of human beings at least once during their lifetime.

Dr. Scott Naftulin D.O. and the medical associates of Specialty Spine, Sports & Pain Medicine & Management treat pain conditions using the most effective medical, interventional, rehabilitative, surgical and alternative treatments presently available.

A patient with recurring or chronic back pain may have options beyond medications, particularly as they may lose effectiveness over time. Dr Naftulin and associates can provide the means of diagnosis and non-invasive/non-surgical treatment. Additionally, we provide disability management and medicolegal consultative services that are frequently required while addressing these painful medical conditions.

Schedule an appointment with Specialty Spine, Sports & Pain Medicine and the experienced medical care givers who are specialists in non-invasive and non-surgical treatments and therapies.

Internal Disc Disruption (IDD) | Diagnosing Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is a ubiquitous condition which will affect almost 90% of human beings at least once during their lifetime.  Fortunately, most cases will resolve within 6-12 weeks. What is Chronic Low Back Pain? When the lower back pain persists past 12 weeks, it is then considered a chronic condition. Assuming the low back [...]

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Discography: Diagnostic Disc Injection For Back Pain

What is a Common Cause of Back Pain? If a patient suffers from chronic lower back pain, it becomes important to determine the exact anatomic cause of that pain so that other treatment options could be considered. Medical research has demonstrated that the most common cause of chronic lower back pain is a painful disc, [...]

Medial Branch Blockade – the Double-Block Paradigm

Chronic neck and back pain unfortunately are common conditions which negatively affect quality of life. People who suffer from these chronic conditions frequently despair at their inability to enjoy their favorite pastimes and inability to work or be as productive as usual. The have usually been seen by numerous medical or chiropractic physicians and have [...]

Whiplash Neck Injury | Motor Vehicle Accident

Whiplash is a term frequently used to describe neck injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The term whiplash suggests a sudden forward flexion of the head followed immediately by bending backwards or extension in a whip-like fashion. Sometimes, there is the immediate onset of neck pain or some discomfort. Frequently, painful symptoms do not [...]

Spinal Cord Stimulation to Relieve Back Pain

Sometimes, no matter how many times you use certain methods to treat chronic back pain, it just isn’t enough. It’s possible that the medications are losing their effectiveness as you build up resistance against them (depending on the type of pain relief medication). It’s also possible that the origin of the pain is recurring, but [...]

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