What is a Herniated Disc?

A disc herniation occurs when a portion of the inter-vertebral disc material bulges and 'sticks out' into the neural canal. This can produce pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots and cause pain, numbness, or tingling into the arm or leg. This is very rarely a surgical condition and usually responds with non-surgical treatment. [...]

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What are other causes of low back pain?

There are many causes of back pain including injury or trauma. Common causes of back pain include: Muscle Strain Bulging or herniated disc Degenerative disc disease Spinal stenosis Sciatica or pinched nerve Sacroiliac joint Facet (zygapophyseal) joint Arthritis There are also many other conditions which can contribute to back pain. These conditions are almost always [...]

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What is Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

The sacroiliac (SI) joint can cause pain in the low back or buttocks. This is especially common in women, and often radiates into the leg, masquerading as sciatica. SI joint pain generally responds well to non-steroidal medications and physical therapy. Occasionally, injections into or around the joint space are necessary to completely alleviate the pain [...]

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What is an Epidural Steroid Injection?

The epidural steroid injection is the placement of cortisone, a powerful anti inflammatory agent, into the epidural space, which approximates the disc and spinal column. The treatment of epidural injection has been around for over 40 years. It involves using either steroids or anesthetic agents allowing good benefit with minimal risk. The main goal of [...]

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