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Do I Have to Be an Athlete to Visit Specialty Spine Care Clinic?

No. Our physicians, physical therapists and professional staff treat all kinds of patients with all kinds of injuries. Athletes and non-athletes alike receive the same level of care and service, and we treat each patient based on his or her individual condition and goals. Whether you a weekend gardener or duffer, a high school or [...]

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How is Sports Medicine Different?

When athletes or active adults are hurt, they look for comprehensive treatment that will help return them to their sports or activities as quickly as possible. We have built years of experience in sports-related injuries and conditions related to physical activity. We combine that expertise with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and an integrative, team approach [...]

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My Doctor Said I Should Rest This Injury. Is There Anything Else I Can Do?

Although rest may be indicated immediately after an acute injury, most musculoskeletal injuries will recover faster with controlled activity. It is essential to make a correct diagnosis before determining the amount and duration of rest and activity. With a physician-directed rehabilitation program, your recovery will be facilitated and optimized so that you can return to [...]

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