Just approved electronic pain blocker that’s very different from other pain devices. Its called a Bioness StimRouter.

CBS News Dr. Max Gomez Reports:

It’s a tiny electrode, a small transmitter and a controller that pulse small electric pulses into the nerves carrying the pain signals. Not just phantom limb, but all sorts of pain.

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Unlike other electrical pain blockers, this device isn’t inserted into the spinal column. It’s placed directly on a peripheral nerve in a 15 minute procedure under local anesthesia.

Matthew Migliaccio, Nerve Pain Patient (Lost Limb, Motorcycle Accident): “Amazing. Totally amazing. It took away the pain“.

Now this isn’t just for people missing limbs. The pain blocker can be used in the general population for most peripheral nerve pain. After chest or hernia surgery, post stroke shoulder pain, and phantom limb pain. Better yet, the pain nerves seem to change after long periods of the stimulation, so they don’t actually carry the pain the same way.

No risk of addiction.

Health Watch: From CBS News – New York