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Video | Chronic Nerve Pain – Bioness StimRouter Pain Blocker

Just approved electronic pain blocker that's very different from other pain devices. Its called a Bioness StimRouter. CBS News Dr. Max Gomez Reports: It's a tiny electrode, a small transmitter and a controller that pulse small electric pulses into the nerves carrying the pain signals. Not just phantom limb, but all sorts of pain. Related [...]

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Post-Stroke Shoulder Pain (PSSP)

Shoulder Pain Associated with a Stroke Related Article Video | Chronic Nerve Pain – Bioness StimRouter Pain Blocker A stroke - or in medical terms, CerebroVascular Accident (CVA) - can be catastrophic. If a person survives the stroke, they may be left with significant functional limitations including paralysis, inability to speak or understand(aphasia), spasticity, visual-spatial [...]

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